Project Team

LB Fresh is co-directed by Ryan Smolar and Tony Damico. Contact us anytime to get involved, ask questions or to get pointed to a resource.

Tony Damico
Project Co-Director
(562) 346-4617

Ryan Smolar

Project Co-Director
(213) 268-4924

Long Beach Fresh Advisory Board Members

Joycelyn Adams, Nutrition Advocate, CD1
AC Boral, Entrepreneur and Chef, CD1
James Rollins, Food rescue advocate, CD2
Dina Feldman, Entrepreneur and Chef, CD2
Greggory Moore, Journalist, CD2
Ofelia Rivera, Entrepreneur, CD2
Allison Slay, Market Manager and Urban Farmer, CD3
Emily Lou, Waste Reduction Advocate, CD3
Julie Laws, Food Security advocate, CD4
Maddi Amirah, Food Security and ADA advocate, CD4
Chef Chad Phuong, entrepreneur, CD6
Elsa Tung, Environmental advocate, CD7
Melissa Shilling, Master Gardener, CD7
Harmony Fried, Baker and entrepreneur, CD7
Renate Boronowski, Environmental advocate, CD7
Kelli Johnson, Market Manager, CD7
David Hedden, Urban Agriculture Designer, CD8
Demitrius Ziegler, Urban Farmer, CD8
Seffrah Orlando, Journalist, CD8
Jeff Rowe, Master Gardener, CD9