Project Team

LB Fresh is co-coordinated by Ryan Smolar and Tony Damico. Contact us anytime to get involved, ask questions or to get pointed to a resource.


Ryan Smolar
Project Co-Coordinator
(213) 268-4924

Tony Damico
Project Co-Coordinator


One of the most effective ways to help us accelerate the local food economy is to attend our Workgroup meetings, and we think of our Workgroups as part of the team.

Our Workgroups are the pivotal place to discuss your current needs and opportunities, as well as your ideas and concerns. We want you to help inform our work, and the Workgroup meetings are a place for you to connect with similar leaders.

We set up separate Workgroups for “Eaters,” “Feeders” and “Seeders.” We encourage you to attend the Workgroup that best represents you overall, but you can attend any or all three. All Workgroup meetings are open to the public and free to attend.

Visit our Events page for a list of upcoming Workgroup meetings, or Contact Us for more information.