Updates from Long Beach Fresh about local food: from farm to fork

Toward Food Equity

Long Beach Fresh is a local food policy council and food program centered on principles of food equity, which includes racial and environmental justice. We believe everyone should have access to healthy food regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or geographic limitations within our city limits. Exploitation Within the Food System For too long, American food […]

Local Farmers Feed Those in Need During Covid-19

It’s a big world, so perhaps there’s an urban farmer or three out there who is in it solely for the money. Talk to enough urban farmers, though, and you come away feeling these are people who do it for the love of food – good food, fresh food, healthy food, real food. They love […]

City-Wide Grocery Guide during COVID19

Getting groceries has certainly become one of the trickiest aspects of the COVID19 response for local residents. At Long Beach Fresh, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food. While local grocers have adjusted their hours, enforced social distancing, increased their stocking, created special hours for vulnerable populations to shop, and hired more […]

Locals Urge LB Schools to Pledge “Good Food Values”

Long Beach Fresh’s petition to the LBUSD Board of Education, which peaked 1,000 signatures, asks for leaders to pledge “Good Food Values” in Long Beach Schools. The petition comes amidst many community organizations demanding LBUSD re-consider the ways in which their policies can boost racial and social equity. The community-based organization brings together a broad […]

Fund the Food Movement by Thursday Sept 19th

Long Beach Gives is a fundraising campaign that runs from September 9th through September 19. It gives Long Beach Fresh and 93 other non profits the opportunity to campaign for funds on a bigger, yet local platform. As part of the giving day, non-profits around the city are engaging residents and businesses to support, and […]

Our Week of Events Gleaned Insights for the Food Revolution

Long Beach Fresh’s second annual Foodways Summit took place from June 1-7th. The event series took locals into North, West, and Central Long Beach to explore ways that locals are taking charge of their food, health, economy, and environment. Primal Alchemy Catering and Events graciously sponsored the entire series. When we started Long Beach Fresh, […]

Long Beach Could Permit Home Kitchens to sell Meals

Long Beach has the opportunity to enact California’s new Homemade Food Act (AB 626) this year, which creates a permit process for the previously illegal occupation of selling homemade meals. The bill, signed into law by Gov Jerry Brown, took effect in January 2019, but requires a local ordinance to establish permits here in Long […]

A Visit to South LA’s Village Market Place Food Hub

On a rainy day in December, LB Fresh lead a group of adventurous Long Beach good food community members on an excursion to a smorgasborg of Los Angeles good food community organizations and urban ag sites. We kicked off our journey at the Bixby Knolls Thursday Farmers’ Market where we said “Hi” to friendly faces including Harbor […]

Should LB Schools go Farm-To-Table? Locals Find Innovation in San Diego Area

In October 2018, Long Beach locals interesting in improving school food went on a road trip to learn from experts in farm-to-school practices in San Diego. This trip followed a Long Beach workshop about improving school food that was hosted as part of our annual Foodways Summit in May, and left attendees inspired to bring […]

Long Beach’s First Food Summit

On Memorial Day week, Long Beach Fresh hosted a week of events spanning 15 locations across the greater Long Beach area, with the goal of bringing together residents, institutions, entrepreneurs, and farmers to share ways to improve the local food system.The summit was driven by proposals and suggestions from locals, and saw over 200 attendees […]

Help Fund our Good Food School Field Trip

Long Beach Fresh is partnering with the San Diego Food Systems Alliance to bring Long Beach community leaders to San Diego County to learn about programs and policies they’ve created to improve school food. Through cross-site learning, we hope to spur more local improvements to school food in Long Beach. On our trip, we will […]

Urban Agriculture – Connecting Growers to Land Owners

In an effort to boost healthy local food access and make use of vacant lots, Long Beach passed the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones act last year. Now, Long Beach Fresh is partnering with the city to bring potential growers and landowners together to bring the vision to fruition, with a workshop on 9/25 from 4:30-6:30pm at Michelle […]

Saturday’s Tuscan-themed Dinner Helps Convert Vacant Lots to Community Gardens

Long Beach Organic, a local non-profit organization which transforms vacant lots into low-cost community gardens, is offering a Tuscan-inspired dinner to the public on Saturday, July 28th at 6pm at a private residence in the Bluff Heights neighborhood. Titled “Bella Notte: An Evening in Tuscany,” the event features live parlor jazz music by The Funny […]