Updates from Long Beach Fresh about local food: from farm to fork

Foodways Summit Call for Proposals

-- --Long Beach Fresh is now accepting proposals for our first Foodways Summit, which will consist of community gatherings across the city to explore ways to innovate our local food system from May 24-31, 2018, in Long Beach. This is an open-source Summit – meaning that it’s purely based on proposals we receive from you! […]

Land Ho! West LB Lot Seeks Urban Ag Proposals

UPDATE: This lot is under development as a veteran-operated urban farm, set to dig in March 2019! When realtor and landowner Eric Adrian reached out to us, he was excited to hear of the city’s plans to implement urban agriculture incentive zones – after all, his lot on the 2800 block of Santa Fe ave […]

Four Ways to Localize on Food Day

This Tuesday October 24th is National Food Day, a time when we’re encouraged to “eat real.” To us, that means eating real food, yes – less processed and refined stuff, and more fresh fruits, vegetables, and the like. In the past, we’ve recognized some impressive local food champions, and hosted events like Funding Foodmakers and […]

LB County Fair Round-Up

The fourth annual Long Beach County Fair at First Fridays Bixby Knolls saw thousands of attendees learning more about local food, urban agriculture, and getting immersed in the arts and music scene! Long Beach Fresh helped curate a selection of diverse hot food vendors and producers outside the expo, as well as local organizations inside […]

Let’s discuss Urban Ag on March 23

At Long Beach Fresh, we’ve been studying Urban Agriculture policies, practices, and business plans, and aim to eliminate barriers, share tools, and create incentives for local growers. We’ve also convened local growers in the past – getting insights on what’s working to create healthy food and modest income opportunities In the past, Long Beach passed an […]

City Council to Vote on Styrofoam Ban Tuesday

Do you feel a tinge of guilt when you take out food, and are left with a pile of snow-white Styrofoam? The Surfrider Foundation feels your pain, as well as the well-documented environmental harms of polysterene products which are so commonly used in local eateries and stores. The Foundation explained in an email this week that […]

Legalize Good Food – Expanding Homemade Food Sales Opportunities

Legalize Good Food – Expanding Homemade Food Sales Opportunities 6-8pm Tuesday, September 20th at BHC Long Beach (920 Atlantic Ave, Suite 102) (español abajo) Long Beach is a city with rich cultural diversity which is often reflected in our communities’ ability to create mouth-watering healthy foods with seasonal ingredients. For many, these skills can create much-needed […]

Tell Gov Brown – Restore Food Dollars To SSI / SSP Recipients

(En Espanol abajo) During the recession, the Federal government supplied cost of living increases to SSI/SSP recipients, but they never made it to them. Instead, Governor Brown used these cost of living increases to balance the state budget. Long Beach Fresh is working with our partner advocates to make AB 1584 become law, restoring 1.3 million elderly and Californians with disabilities’ […]

Local Food Bike Displays

Want to help Long Beach residents find local food? Our Local Food Spot Bikes are vintage rescued bikes, intended to spread the good food news at your local hot spot! Who can participate? Local businesses, business districts, and organizations can participate by claiming one of our custom-made bikes to place outside your spot. We’ll bring […]

Now Hiring – North LB Community Coordinator

Long Beach Fresh seeks to hire a community coordinator for their work in the Kaiser Heal Zone in North Long Beach. The community coordinator will work 15-20 hours per week for 8 months, assisting with outreach, resident engagement, and project coordination. The position may be renewable for an additional 16 months after the initial period. Long Beach […]

Night Market Kicks Off on Sunday

The long-awaited launch of the Midtown Night Market in Cambodia Town is set for this Sunday, July 10th, and is scheduled to occur every Sunday until November 20th from 4-8pm at MacArthur Park (1321 E. Anaheim St) in Long Beach. Sandy Nou from Cambodia Town, Inc. shared some of the initial vendors with us, so you can […]

California Budgets $5 Million for Nutrition Incentives

Long Beach advocates for healthy communities, including the Long Beach Alliance for Food and Fitness, The Long Beach Time Exchange, and Long Beach Fresh, recently joined food movement leaders in urging Governor Brown to keep the five million dollars allocated in the state budget proposal to implement the California Nutrition Incentive Act, passed last year […]

LB County Fair Draws Thousands, Local Growers Awarded

Our third annual Long Beach County Fair was a success! Yes, we know Long Beach isn’t a county (tongue-in-cheek) – still, we can’t help ourselves but to celebrate our local food movement. We hosted dozens of food-focused organizations and local food crafters, and Long Beach residents surely got a taste of the city! Of special note […]

Long Beach County Fair 2016

New Photo Gallery (scroll down to view) Yee-haaaw! For the 3rd year in a row, Bixby Knolls First Fridays partnered with the local food community to showcase homegrown talent and a new LB-Grown Fruit & Veggie Blue Ribbon Competition at First Fridays on Friday, April 1st from 6:30-9:30pm. Thank you Bixby Knolls BIA, Vendors & Exhibitors: Primal Alchemy Catering Little Owl […]

Imagining a Food Hub in the LBC

Would you like to see a regional food hub in Long Beach to help make fresh produce and food products more affordable and accessible? We sure would! That’s why Long Beach Fresh is assisting The Growing Experience Urban Farm in researching the feasibility of developing a food hub through a USDA grant program. The envisioned […]