The Little Things

In buying and preparing good food, it’s the little things that make the difference.

These tips, videos and techniques are The Little Things that have helped people form easy daily strategies to eat amazingly.

Buy Herbs Once, Enjoy Them Year-Round

Long Beach provides optimal weather for growing some amazing herbs and veggies year-round. This means that with a bit of space, a few supplies, and some creativity, you can propagate and grow your very own herb garden right at home. No more last minute trips to the store or market just to buy the bunch […]

Have Fun With A Plant-Based Diet

  The Little Things: Have Fun With A Plant-Based Diet A few things I’ve noticed from talking to people about their understanding of veganism and what it takes to eat a plant- based diet is, people defeat themselves before giving it a true attempt. They’ve either heard one horror story about a person who was […]

Nowhere to grow? Grow UP!

  Living in the city can limit your ability to grow your own food. Community gardens are great if they’re convenient enough to integrate into your weekly routine and assuming there’s not a huge waiting list to join. If you have zero available land to till, then container based gardens and self-watering planters are good […]

Chef Paul’s $5 Farmers Market Breakfast

Our next installation of “the little things” features Chef Paul Buchanan of Primal Alchemy Catering! Chef Paul shows us that eating healthy and fresh doesn’t have to cost a fortune with his $5 farmers market breakfast. “Start your day out right. Food is our medicine for health. Nutrition should be common sense, forged by families, […]

Local Chef Agustin’s Hummus Recipe

You know that can of garbanzo beans that has been sitting in you kitchen cabinet for a while now and you don’t know what to do with it? We’ll make hummus! It’s really a delicious and healthy spread of garbanzo beans, garlic, lemon juice and good olive oil. It’s a classic and a lot easier […]

Little Ways to Simplify the Process of Cooking

We spoke to some students in the public health nutrition program at UC Berkeley about what advice they would give about how to make cooking more convenient, affordable, and time-efficient. Here’s what they said: Use simple recipes that are fast with minimal ingredients and aren’t boring. Some examples include: 5-ingredient Black Bean Soup and 5-ingredient White Chicken […]

Little Recipes with Local Chef Agustin Romo

Quinoa Steamed Rice Looking for a simple way to make your white rice healthier? Try the following recipe by local chef and Long Beach native, Chef Agustin! Quinoa Steamed Rice Ingredients: 1.5 cup rice 1/2 cup quinoa 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1/2 teaspoon salt 2.5 cup water Stir, turn on and next thing […]

Call for Submissions to Our “Little Things” Page!

If you have ideas about the little things that people can do to engage in healthier behaviors and become better connected with their food, we encourage you to write a guest post for us (click here for the interest form)! There are a lot of perceived barriers to buying local food and eating well; time, cost, and convenience […]

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Popular food journalist Michael Pollan has proposed that our focus on “nutritionism” (a focus on individual nutrients rather than whole foods) is the basis for America’s health problems. Through his years of qualitative research, he has suggested the following rules of thumb for eaters like you: Eat food. Don’t eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. […]

Stretch Out Your Food Dollar

There is a big misconception that eating well and being healthy is expensive. Below is a list of some little things you can do to stretch out your food dollar so you and your family can invest in good health! (Find the full list here.) Be aware of the foods you and your family are […]

Choose a Healthy Eating Plan

If you’re having trouble making decisions everyday about what you should and shouldn’t eat, you may consider prescribing to one of the popular and healthful eating plans out there. While subscribing to a diet plan means you will have great guides, rules and recipes to pick from, it is also important to remember that your […]

Bulk Up with Batch Cooking

A great way to save money and time, while eating healthy, is to make things in bulk. Creating a series of recipes in bulk and then freezing and re-using throughout the week extends your food budget and saves you time. Some popular example of batch food preparation include making your own yogurt, grilling and freezing […]