Our Plan to Help Feeders

This is a starting point and will continue to evolve!

  • Connect you with Local Food Suppliers
  • Empower you to Market yourself Even Better
  • Connect you with Food Sharing and Redistribution Resources
  • Increase availability of/access to local food
  • Opportunities to sell homemade food
  • Opportunities to share commercial kitchens
  • Make it easier to buy local food ingredients
  • Promote Feeders who serve local foods
  • Share information about Grants, Resources, Models and Opportunities
  • Provide Organizational Development, Connectivity and Strategic Planning
  • Collaborate on Events and Press Opportunities

Feeder Priorities

At our Workgroup meetings, local Feeders have expressed the following important needs:

  • Marketing Help: Getting our local food story out there and helping attract new customers. Getting press coverage. Expanding presence on the web and in social media.
  • Access to local, fresh vegetables
  • Help budding food businesses find commercial and incubator kitchen space
  • Facilitate the sharing of equipment and resources
  • Funding for local food projects
  • Classes and education around local food topics
  • A shared access to a local food network
  • Expand market reach
  • Create and promote a local food directory