1,000 Locals Urge School Board Toward “Good Food Values”

Long Beach Fresh launched a petition which recently surpassed 1,000 signatures for “Good Food Values” in Long Beach Schools. The petition is part of the organization’s broader campaign to encourage improved food procurement city-wide, starting with school board support of four values:

Healthy, active living
Innovative food education
Local, sustainable, and fair food sourcing
Fresh, nutritious food access for all

In addition to the public petition, Long Beach Fresh is now calling for local community-based organizations, small businesses, and faith-based organizations to sign on to a letter of support that will be delivered to the Board of Education. [Letter in English | Letter in Spanish]

This call for a commitment to shared values comes after five years of development by local food accelerator non-profit Long Beach Fresh, and reflects the types of goals also set forward in the rapidly growing Good Food Purchasing Program. The push for a commitment also comes alongside controversial proposed changes in federal nutrition requirements and proposed legislation in California for locally produced food in schools.

Previously, Long Beach Fresh had worked with Nutrition Services director Darlene Martin and the Center for Good Food Purchasing to study and explore the program’s feasibility before her retirement and subsequent replacement by the new director, Mark Chavez.

The group also conducts a monthly working group where dozens of local parents, youth, and food advocates plan the active campaign. Contact Long Beach Fresh if you’re interested in joining the effort!

Signed letters can be scanned and sent to info@longbeachfresh.org during the month of February.

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