Community Crop Swaps

In response to community demand through the Coalition for a Healthy North LB and the Kaiser Healzone project, Long Beach Fresh began a monthly crop swap in North Long Beach at a community hub – the old firestation at 6509 Gundry Ave that serves as Vice Mayor Richardson’s field office.

Several months in, we have a dynamic group of local lawn farmers and community gardeners eager to share their produce, urban agriculture, and culinary advice.

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The monthly swaps are open to the broader community, but Long Beach Fresh – with the help of local community leader Jeff Rowe – also plan to expand the swaps in North Long Beach, and assist community members in Central and West Long Beach who wish to start similar swaps.


Find more information in the North Long Beach Crop Swappers group, contact us, or just show up to one of our monthly swaps at 10am – whether you have produce to share, or just want to connect with some great gardeners.

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