Good Food Leaders Program

To truly change food in Long Beach, it will take resident and organizational leaders championing for local, healthy food.

Long Beach Fresh wants to connect with food-minded individuals who want to help their neighborhood, business, church, school or social group eat more local, healthy food.

The Food Champion Program will create a stronger relationship between you and the greater food community by providing you access to: education and training opportunities, local resources and supplier relationships, best practices, sustainability and recycling, local food producers, good food policies, volunteers, designers, press and easy and fun ways to start growing and learning about food.

Please contact us if you are currently helping your organization with food or you want to start. This program is totally FREE and awesome.

In the meantime, potential food champions should contact us directly or volunteer with one of the many food organizations in town to learn more.


  • To identify individuals in Long Beach organizations to communicate with and support
  • To provide valuable resources and connectivity opportunities for food champions
  • To report back on the success of our food champions successes

What We Need:

  • Create resources for local food champions
  • Get Contact information and commitment from local food champions
  • Set dates for local food champions to meet

Latest Status:

  • 8/14/14 We are researching similar programs to look for starter materials
  • 11/1/14 CSULB Intern Sean Yeutter is codifying a list of contacts and connecting with them about interest in this program
  • 11/5/14 We submitted a Knight Cities Challenge Grant application regarding this concept
  • 12/1/15 Ryan Smolar spoke to about 50 leaders about the history of food and work of Long Beach Fresh at Leadership Long Beach’s Food Day with the hopes to inspire some of the leaders to take on an LB Fresh “Opportunity” as their class project and become local food champions.
  • 2/10/15 Had a preliminary conversation with Jeff Williams from Leadership Long Beach about hosting the program through Leadership Long Beach.
  • 4/1/15 Applied for a Donor-Advised Knight Foundation Grant through the Long Beach Community Foundation
  • 5/18/15 Long Beach Fresh Intern, Michelle Azurin, begins working on our Local Food Leader Curriculum – which may consist of a variety of mediums including videos, zines, articles, online, social and print – to proliferate good food leadership throughout Long Beach. We will incorporate already-established resources and platofrms when possible, instead of re-inventing the wheel. One example is Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s tools for a healthy school that will be incorporated. LB Fresh will add additional value through live support and localized specific information and promotion of the programs with broad focus.
  • 6/22/15 Met with Eva from LB Latinos in Action about potential for a Promotora program.
  • 7/8/15 Met with Lara Turnbull from the Health Department about collaborating on the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Program’s Peer to Peer adult food champions program.
  • 7/25/15 Agreed to partner with NEOP to act as a liaison between their adult food champions and local food and health related organizations/resources so they can continue acting as food champions in Long Beach.
  • 8/25/15 Created food leaders referral form for champions in the Healthy Active Long Beach program to continue leadership development with us.

Get Involved:

Read the latest status, think about how you want to get involved, and contact us.


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