Food Stories

The relationship between food and our culture, lives and history are so intricate and inexplicable — these stories need to be told.

There are places in Long Beach preparing and sharing traditional time-honored ancestors, growing cultural and medicinal herbs, reveling in farm-to-table delights, supporting fair trade and local workers with their purchasing power and more.

We want to help restaurants, schools and institutions, families and organizations that are preparing either local, healthy, sustainable, authentic or otherwise interesting food to share their stories, techniques and recipes.


  • To help those with good food practices tell their story
  • To help Eaters find good food places and appreciate them more
  • To preserve and spread traditional and sustainable food practices

What We Need:

  • Connect with those producing and serving good food who want to share their stories and techniques
  • Interviewers, Artists, Videographers, Photographers and Documentarians to help tell the food stories
  • Develop real-world and digital ways to share the stories on-site and on-the-web

Latest Updates:
          Collaborated on Voicewaves Media’s Reel Food Stories Videos
Shared stories at multiple events at our Foodways Summit
Get Involved:

Read the latest status, think about how you want to get involved, and contact us.

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