We define “Seeders” as food growers and producers in Long Beach and the greater Los Angeles food shed.

If you’re a Seeder, this section of the website is for you. All types of Seeders are welcome here, from community gardener coordinators to permaculturist designers, urban farmers, local product producers, and more. We’re here to help urban agriculture grow.

Our Plan to Help Seeders

Get Involved: Open Seeder Projects

Grow in Community Gardens and Connect with Urban Farms

List of Long Beach Gardens and Farms via our Local Food Map
Map of Gardens and Farms via Sustainable Long Beach

Guide to Urban Farming in Los Angeles County

Guide to Urban Farming in North Long Beach

Let’s Connect!

If you’re not on the list above and should be, or you have concerns not listed above, please Contact Us as soon as possible. We’d love to meet you and explore ways we can assist you.