Farming is rewarding work. Full-time farmers, volunteers, permactulture designers and gardners are always in high demand.

Here are some resources on finding help for urban agriculture projects in Long Beach:

Conservation Corps of Long Beach

“Job Readiness Program” connects young people in our community with work-experience opportunities like your project.

UC Master Gardeners On-Site Technical Assistance

This program intensively trains community-minded gardeners and then requires them to provide substantial annual volunteer hours to projects like yours.

Foodscape LB

They can consult and help you design a “work-party” or “work-hours” volunteer program for project management.

Pacifc Gateway Workforce

They offer a variety of programs that can help develop, train and even help pay to develop a viable workforce for you.

Thanks to for this hot tip. We’ve found great candidates in a variety of fields and there’s a constant flow of them!

United Farm Workers

Learn more about issues affecting farm labor from the union established by Cesar Chavez


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