Land for Urban Agriculture

Land is a top priority for Seeders looking to grow local commercial crops and establish community gardens.

Gathered here are top resources in your hunt for land!
Please contact us if you have or are looking for land so we can alert you to any additional opportunities.

RDA Properties as Farm Land

We’re hopeful that a qualified grower will submit a viable proposal to the City of Long Beach for one of the many vacant RDA properties now for sale.

Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones

Long Beach will soon consideradopting AB 551, a County-wide program which creates incentive zones for urban farms and community gardens. It primarily deals with tax breaks to owners of privately owned properties that are considered “blighted,” if they enter into an urban agriculture contract with a local grower.

City of Long Beach Garden Program

The City of Long Beach has set a policy to establish community gardens in every park over 5 acres by 2020. You can apply to establish one of these community gardens in a park.

Dig, Eat and Be Healthy

A guide to finding public land to grow on prepared by ChangeLab Solutions. Link includes sample agreements between municipalities and local gardens.

If you’re just looking for spaces to grow for yourself or family, visit our Grow Food page.