Long Beach Fresh Registers with California Food Policy Council

Long Beach Fresh is excited to announce that we recently became the 23rd official Food Policy Council in California after ratifying the California Food Policy Council‘s “Founding Document” and dispatching Co-Coordinator Tony Damico to a statewide meeting of Food Policy Councils to share expertise and discuss issues. The Founding Document, created in 2012 is an […]

Good Food Purchasing Policy

One of the best ways to change the food system on a large scale is to change the way the government spends its food dollars. On October 24, 2012, the City of Los Angeles adopted a Good Food Purchasing Policy. Soon after, Los Angeles Unified School District followed… Two years later, they have tested the […]

Food Stories

The relationship between food and our culture, lives and history are so intricate and inexplicable — these stories need to be told. There are places in Long Beach preparing and sharing traditional time-honored ancestors, growing cultural and medicinal herbs, reveling in farm-to-table delights, supporting fair trade and local workers with their purchasing power and more. […]

Good Food Leaders Program

To truly change food in Long Beach, it will take resident and organizational leaders championing for local, healthy food. Long Beach Fresh wants to connect with food-minded individuals who want to help their neighborhood, business, church, school or social group eat more local, healthy food. The Food Champion Program will create a stronger relationship between […]

Produce Swaps

Fresh, Organically Grown Local Food? That can cost a lot of lettuce. Wait a minute…that’s not a bad idea. Not long ago, there was a produce swap on the Long Beach bluff in which locals who grow food would come with their excess and trade for the backyard bounties of others. There is an interest […]

Seed & Tool Libraries

Imagine being able to check-out seeds, tools to plant and even a parcel of land with your Long Beach Public Library card. The innovators at the Long Beach Public Library and Long Beach Grows are working to establish a Seed Library and a Tool Library at the Main Branch Maker Lab of the Long Beach […]

Farm Tour

You could experience 100 different fresh fruits and vegetables  and animal species thriving in the farms and gardens on any day in Long Beach. A strong connection to nature, our food and environment can be achieved without leaving the city. We’d like to organize regular tours of Long Beach’s farms, gardens and craft producers. Goals: […]

Mobile Produce Stand

“I got Okra, I got Collards,” shouts New Orleans’ Mr. Okra, a roving produce store on wheels. Long Beach is ripe for a similar development of a mobile produce stand who picks up fresh local vegetables and fruits and deliver them to a dense network of restaurants and pop-up markets in Long Beach. Goals: To […]

LB Produce Line

A text-chain for local growers to share news of upcoming produce releases for chefs and buyers. Goals: Create a system that easily exchanges info on upcoming and available produce for chefs Uses technology that is easily accessible and non-obtrusive Maintain integrity, trust and a strict lack of spam What We Need: Farmers to sign-up for […]

Redevelopment Lots as Farms

Long Beach has an abundance of vacant lots owned from the Redevelopment Era, some of which could be used for farming. Long Beach acquired a lot of property during the redevelopment years that became frozen when California Governor Jerry Brown dissolved redevelopment agencies across the state.  In 2015, California gave Long Beach the nod to […]

Media Blitz

We need to fill print, broadcast, radio and social media channels with intriguing content about local food and health. Goals: Increase media coverage of local food and health issues Work with stakeholders to amplify their PR efforts Identify and develop “voices” of the local food movement for media share media coverage about local food issues […]

Greenbelt Gardens

We’ve heard many different people mention at different times, “we should use the green belt for greening Long Beach!” In response, we began researching and gathering input about creating a multi-use green space for pedestrians, bicyclists, local food growing demos, and local food buyers. Imagine walking your dog or biking through native organic herb gardens, small […]