Mission & Values

Our Vision

A city where local healthy food is widely produced, distributed and consumed.

Our Mission

To connect Eaters, Feeders and Seeders with resources, partners and models that can empower them to resolve their needs and use their offerings.

Our 6 Values


1. Food Security

Food Security is the fundamental benefit of a healthy local food economy. Learn more about food security here .


2. Local, Seasonal & Sustainable Foods

We believe in improving access to locally-grown, seasonal and sustainably grown food in Long Beach.


3. Start Small/Prototypes/Pilot Programs

Got an idea? Let’s test it on the small scale. A lot of small projects that serve a wide variety of people means tackling more projects and serving more people — while using less time and money.


4. Face Problems that are Low to the Ground

Whether it’s raising money, learning how to write a press release, learning how to host a fundraiser, or finding a space to operate, everyone encounters small bumps on the road to success. We believe in tackling those small bumps…before they become roadblocks.


5. “All Boats Rise Together”

When one part of our local food movement succeeds, we all benefit whether through affiliation, collaboration, more customers, or in other ways. We believe in a non-competitive food community where each player supports one another and we all cheer individual successes.


6. “Carrot Over Stick”

We believe the food economy can grow faster through more win-win programs and partnerships. We prioritize win-win projects and we believe every member of the food community deserves a fair incentive to engage in collaboration.

California Food Policy Council Values

In addition to the values we originally incubated above, we have adopted the  California Food Policy Council Values in addition to our own in order to join the council. The values they created are fantastic and add additional awareness and beautiful language to our shared purpose.