Updates from Long Beach Fresh about local food: from farm to fork

Composting Input Sought, Prizes Offered!

Long Beach Fresh, a community-based non-profit organization, is seeking input on composting via a short, new survey. The survey results are intended to inform City-level decision makers as local government works to come into compliance with new California mandates for organics collection. Survey participants in the month of April will be entered into an opportunity […]

Expanding Food as Medicine

According to a study by the U.S. Burden of Disease Collaborators, diet is the leading cause of death in the United States, resulting in half a million deaths a year.  At a recent event, “Healthy Food as Preventative Medicine: California and Beyond,” hosted by SPUR, leaders using food as medicine share what policy, health care, […]

Healthier Meals, Happier Kids and a Better Planet

A recent webinar series, “Healthy, Climate-Friendly School Food: Strategies for Success,” hosted by Friends of the Earth highlights experiences of food staff and stakeholders in creating healthy meals for students. The final panel last Thursday, focused on a new report, “The State of School Meals in California”, that finds a significant disparity between California’s climate […]

Stina’s Fresh Food Hack For Sickle Cell

The change from lots of packaged foods and fried drive-thru foods to eating mostly fresh veg(etables) and fruits changed my health and life for the positive. I’m sharing this story about how changing my diet positively impacted my Sickle Cell. I hope that the story will resonate with someone else with a chronic illness or […]

Urban Ag: Stories of Recovery

Join us at the CompoundLB (online during COVID) for “Food for Thought” a monthly live and recorded series that drops you into the Long Beach trenches in the fight for local food justice! Join Long Beach Fresh, our city’s collective voice for Eaters, Feeders and Seeders: good food actors like urban farmers, gardeners, chefs, markets […]

Renate Boronowsky Helps Long Beach Re-think and Re-purpose Food Waste

Armed with knowledge, empathy, and vision, Long Beach resident Renate Boronowsky is a local leader in the quest to address the enormous challenge of global food waste. “If harmful emissions from global food waste were rated as if they were a country, they would be third on the list — right behind the United States […]

How Supporting Home Kitchens Can Help Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on many, especially those in the food industry.  A report by the  Independent Restaurant Coalition finds that 5.9 million restaurant jobs were lost between February and April of last year. And according to the National Restaurant Association, 17 percent of restaurants in the United States have closed permanently due […]

Long Beach Duo is “Sowing Seeds of Change” for Disadvantaged Young Adults

The friendship of Lindsay Smith and Dina Feldman has quickly blossomed and borne fruit since they met this May: The two gardening and nature enthusiasts hit it off immediately, and for the last several months they have been busy formulating plans for Sowing Seeds of Change, a nonprofit agricultural education and vocational center for underserved […]

Toward Food Equity

Long Beach Fresh is a local food policy council and food program centered on principles of food equity, which includes racial and environmental justice. We believe everyone should have access to healthy food regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or geographic limitations within our city limits. Exploitation Within the Food System For too long, American food […]

Local Farmers Feed Those in Need During Covid-19

It’s a big world, so perhaps there’s an urban farmer or three out there who is in it solely for the money. Talk to enough urban farmers, though, and you come away feeling these are people who do it for the love of food – good food, fresh food, healthy food, real food. They love […]

City-Wide Grocery Guide during COVID19

Getting groceries has certainly become one of the trickiest aspects of the COVID19 response for local residents. At Long Beach Fresh, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food. While local grocers have adjusted their hours, enforced social distancing, increased their stocking, created special hours for vulnerable populations to shop, and hired more […]

School Food Matters – Join Our Campaign

Long Beach Fresh’s petition to the LBUSD Board of Education, which peaked 1,000 signatures, asks for leaders to pledge “Good Food Values” in Long Beach Schools. The petition comes amidst many community organizations demanding LBUSD re-consider the ways in which their policies can boost racial and social equity. The community-based organization brings together a broad […]