Here’s a list of cooking resources in Long Beach and online.
The better you are at food preparation, the more joy you will get out of cooking.

Healthy Recipes that cost less than $4 a day

Healthy Recipes provided by Champions for Change

Creative Recipes provided by Real Food Dietitians

Long Beach Area Cooking Classes

Online Cooking Classes & Resources

Knife Skills Videos

Other ways to Learn Cooking

  • Borrow a cookbook from the library. Look for cookbooks about your favorite cuisine or a type of meal-plan that fits you (i.e. “30 Minute Weeknight Dinners”).
  • Google it. Anything from “How to Boil an Egg” to “How to make a Cassoulet” – The answer is out there!
  • YouTube it! YouTube has cooking tutorials on almost every recipe and technique.
  • Television cooking shows on Food Network, PBS, and free TV websites like may inspire you to try something new.