Grow Food

From starting a community garden to building an urban farm, growing at home, to understanding city policy – Learn how, where, and when to grow good food!

Cook, Grow, and Eat Good Food
A fun to read, illustrative guide to urban agriculture and preparation tips, created for uptown residents via our HealZone grant.

Quick Guide to Growing
Start simple! Quick guide to growing in Long Beach highlights some best practices for growing your own food in our bio-regional climate.

City of Long Beach’s Resources
The City’s Office of Sustainability offers support and match-making, incentives for new urban agriculture projects. Also contains guidelines for animal husbandry in private spaces.

Community Gardens
Rent a small plot of land to grow your own garden. Community gardens are located throughout Long Beach.

Starting a Community Garden
The American Community Gardening Association offers comprehensive tool-kits toward planning and managing a community garden effectively.

Seed Library of Los Angeles
A $10 lifetime membership gives you access to the seed library in which you borrow seeds and then returnĀ  the same amount at the end of the growing season, keeping the seeds fresh! They also have workshops on seed saving and growing.

Dig, Eat and Be Healthy
A guide to growing food on public land. Includes sample agreements between municipalities and local gardens. Prepared by ChangeLab Solutions.

Small Farm Safety Guidelines
The California Department of Food and Agriculture requires that small farms follow these safety guidelines.

Soil Testing
In addition to knowing the history of the property you’re growing on, it’s also recommended to get the soil tested for contaminants.

Teaching Gardens
American Heart Association program that engages students in a garden-based nutrition program, where students learn how to plant seeds, nurture growing plants, harvest produce and ultimately understand the value of good eating habits.

One-on-One Consulting
We aim to understand your growing ambitions and connect you with someone who can guide you in the right direction. We work with permaculturists, home-growers, garden directors, raised bed revolutionaries, aquaponics designers and hydroponics experts, and we’d love to connect you. Contact us.