Good Food Procurement

Finding Local Ingredients and Produce

Here are some locations you can purchase local food, purchase directly from local farmers or get local food distributed to you.

Local Farmer’s Markets

Many chefs prefer to pick their own ingredients and develop relationships with farmers by visiting one of Long Beach’s daily farmer’s markets.

Searchable national website that will help you find farms and local products in the Los Angeles foodshed and beyond.

Long Beach Farms (COMING SOON!)

View our list of local farms and even request specific crops from local farmers.

Wholesale Meat Purchasing

City Foods on 16th and Oregon

Guide to Purchasing Produce

Should an apple be firm, an orange heavy, and what do those brown spots mean? Champions for Change website provides tons of easy to access tips on selecting and storing produce.

Creating Menus with Healthy Food

ChangeLabs and other organizations have created a lot of useful tools for including healthy foods and even setting organizational standards for ordering healthy food.

Putting Health on the Menu: A Toolkit for Creating Healthy Restaurant Programs

This guide may be useful in working with restaurants.

Hospitals and Healthy Food

Links to several resources for working with hospitals to promote healthy food initiatives.

Green for Greens: Finding Public Funding for Healthy Food Retail

A helpful guide to public financing for local farmers.

Local Food for Local Government

Links to several resources for working with government agencies to source their food locally.

Providing Fresh Produce in Small Stores: Distribution Challenges & Solutions for Healthy Food Retail

This guide provides a general overview of food distribution.