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Local Food Organizing

Co-Directors Tony Damico and Ryan Smolar

Over the past eight years, our Co-Directors Tony Damico and Ryan Smolar have built a springboard for the local food movement, using events, consulting, and media to cook up local food empowerment.

Today, we are Long Beach’s independent Food Policy Council – the primary convener of 125+ local food leaders. We are made up of a 21-person advisory board, 2 staff, and dozens of volunteers. In 2022, we made major progress on local food sustainability efforts. In 2023, we’ve continued the work as community support has grown.

LB Fresh’s Advisory Council, in February 2020

We organize communities toward leadership in local food projects and policies. We put on educational, dynamic events to bring 800+ community members together annually. We promote affordable, wholesome, small batch and diverse food options to 5,000 residents a month.

Prize winners at our annual urban agriculture contest in 2019

We also create and accelerate programs and resources for dozens of food stakeholders – from food distributions to urban farms, community gardens to farmers markets, City departments, youth-based organizations, and diverse food entrepreneurs.

Local cultural Chefs and Caterers shared their stories and dishes at one of our Foodways Summit events hosted in West Long Beach

While The California Endowment has supported our operations thus far, we are transitioning to a local ownership model in 2023, making your support even more crucial. We want to remain independent, continue a conversation with our donors, and open many pathways for communities to take their food into their own hands.

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