About Our Opportunities Page

1. LB Fresh was established to help accelerate the local food economy. To do that, we are identifying and facilitating new projects that will help local Eaters, Feeders and Seeders.

2. These projects are based on aggregate community desires. For instance, we developed “Greenbelt Gardens” out of many different expressed wishes to utilize the Long Beach Green Belt.

3. LB Fresh’s role is to identify/create projects and facilitate them, but we don’t “own” these projects. For example, if Greenbelt Garden comes into existence, we intend for the local food community to “own” and manage it (in collaboration with all appropriate partners).

4. Projects will evolve. Some projects will launch quickly, some won’t. Some projects will look completely different a year from now, some may never come into existence. Projects are shaped by your participation, resources, laws, etc.

5. Each project depends on your direct involvement. We created this summary page to help you see latest status and jump right in.

6. Want to add an Opportunity? Please fill out an Opportunity Submission Form.

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