Stunning Local Veggies Awarded in Blue Ribbon Contest for Growers

Local growers representing backyards, community gardens, and urban farms were awarded in Long Beach Fresh’s 2019 Blue Ribbon contest for fruits, veggies, and herbs. Here’s a peek inside the event, the top three in each of the five categories, as well as our Best in Show!

Judges included Adventures to Dreams director Sheila G and youth, Rod Dodd from Organic Harvest Gardens, Former contestants Ofelia Rivera and Segis Avila and David Hedden from Ourfoods (not pictured). Photo by Brian Feinzimer for LB Fresh

1st: Gladys Urban Farm Alliance MAYE Center
2nd: MAYE Center in Cambodiatown
3rd (tie): Moonwater Farm, Kate’s Flowers

Cambodian Elders from The Maye Center put together stunning bouquets from their two growing sites in Central Long Beach. Photo by Tony Damico for LB Fresh

Leafy Greens
1st: Andy’s Mix Lettuce
2nd: Mark’s Red Russian Kale
3rd (tie): Cheryl’s Lettuce Mix and
Chef Paul and Matt’s Swiss Chard

Vicky’s Kale didn’t get top three, but it won our hearts and blew our minds, representing St Luke’s Teaching Garden. Photo by Brian Feinzimer for LB Fresh.

1st: Andy’s Pineapple
2nd: Charlie’s Chocolate Persimmons
3rd: MAYE Center’s Avocados

Ofelia got to take home Captain Charlie’s rare Chocolate Persimmons
Photo by Brian Feinzimer for LB Fresh.

Root Vegetables
1st: Cheryl’s Carrots
2nd: Kate’s Radish
3rd: Chef Paul and Matt’s Carrots

Cheryl’s carrots were gorgeous and rich, giving all the root veggies a run for their money.
Photo by Tony Damico for LB Fresh

1st: Mark’s Cabbage
2nd: Andy’s Purple Sprouting Broccoli
3rd: Cheryl’s Kiwanos

Cheryl’s Kiwanos
Photo by Brian Feinzimer for LB Fresh

Best in Show
Andy’s Pineapple!

Andy Vaughan (CaliFarmer) with his prize-winning Pineapple and Purple Flowering Broccoli
Judges Segis, Ollie, David, and Ofelia weighing in on veggies.
Photo by Brian Feinzimer for LB Fresh.

The below gallery features photos by Brian Feinzimer for Long Beach Fresh

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