Call for Submissions to Our “Little Things” Page!

If you have ideas about the little things that people can do to engage in healthier behaviors and become better connected with their food, we encourage you to write a guest post for us (click here for the interest form)!

There are a lot of perceived barriers to buying local food and eating well; time, cost, and convenience are major factors in an individual’s decision to choose junk food over, say, fresh produce from the farmers’ market. However, we realize that there are many people who have figured out a system to make it work — from starting a garden to food swapping and bulk buying with their neighbors.

We would like to hear from you about the strategies that you use to be healthy or any tips that you may have about how to better utilize good food in Long Beach. Some existing posts we have are about how to shop smart and fill your cart, choose a healthy eating plan, and batch cook. These posts use existing online resources and guides, but we would like to know more about what Long Beach residents like you are doing and what advice/resources you have to share.

Your post can cover any topic, like how to grow at home in a small space or swapping soda with agua fresca. We are open to ideas! Please fill out this form if you are interested in contributing.

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