Let’s discuss Urban Ag on March 23

At Long Beach Fresh, we’ve been studying Urban Agriculture policies, practices, and business plans, and aim to eliminate barriers, share tools, and create incentives for local growers. We’ve also convened local growers in the past – getting insights on what’s working to create healthy food and modest income opportunities

In the past, Long Beach passed an ordinance loosening restrictions on residential livestock (chickens, goats, and bees), and the city adopted the Community Food Producers Act. At every step, local food systems leaders and community members voices have been instrumental in guiding the process. Now, following a recently completed feasibility study, the city is considering implementing the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act on April 4th.
We need your voices and insights once again!


Join us as we continue the conversation. In this meeting we will:

1) Discuss some existing local models for urban agriculture

2) Discuss emerging approaches to growing local and creating income opportunities

3) Work to unify our voices ahead of the coming city council session

Whether you grow local, or would love to see more food producing land use in Long Beach, join us for a dynamic workshop!

If you’d like to get involved, but cannot attend, please contact us.

Where and when:
Thursday, March 23rd from 6-8pm in the meeting room at Growing Experience Urban Farm (750 Via Carmelitos Ave).

Refreshments will be provided (feel free to bring something to share), and translation and child-watch are available upon request (48 hr notice).

Contact Tony Damico at prof.tonydamico(at)gmail.com.



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