City-Wide Grocery Guide during COVID19

Getting groceries has certainly become one of the trickiest aspects of the COVID19 response for local residents. At Long Beach Fresh, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food. While local grocers have adjusted their hours, enforced social distancing, increased their stocking, created special hours for vulnerable populations to shop, and hired more employees – there is no centralized source for this information – until now!

With the help of a team of dedicated volunteers, Long Beach Fresh launched our definitive City-Wide Grocery Guide ( Map / PDF / Excel) on March 27th, and have updated the map on April 9th. We called around to find out about restocking times, special hours, store-enforced limitations, and even gathered details on neighborhood corner stores and restaurants converting to markets where neighbors can buy staple items like flour, eggs, and more. And, for good measure, we’ve included farmers markets that remain open. Of course, we strongly encourage households to wear masks, buy only what they need, wash hands and sanitize, and to keep social distance in any shopping situation.

Click the image above to download our guide as a PDF, Excelor map

The resource guide, linked above, is downloadable, printable, and shareable. So feel free to print it out, share it with a neighbor, and let us know how we can improve on it. This guide aims to be a living document that will be updated regularly as the situation continues to change week by week. If you have critical information and feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Long Beach Fresh is a community-based non-profit organization, fiscally sponsored by Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs. We cultivate and promote healthy food systems in large due to community support, so consider donating to help us continue our mission.

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