Long Beach Food Map

This map is intended to serve as a guide to good food in Long Beach.

From finding places to grow food in community gardens, to buying and eating local and natural foods, this map can give you a quick glimpse of what lies in your neighborhood, or across town!

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More about our map:

The map includes categories for Long Beach’s commercial farms, regenerative gardens, farmers markets, healthy retail, organic groceries, local sourcing restaurants, culturally diverse eateries, food access organizations, cottage food producers from honey to spice blends, natural bakers, sustainable caterers, food banks, and food pantries.

Food businesses and projects are chosen based on a combination of values that guide LB Fresh’s work as a non-profit organization that aims to accelerate the good food economy. Those represented on the map fit into one or more of these values, as indicated by the category titles on the map and the graphic below.

In the location descriptions, we’ve noted unique practices and components that we’re aware currently, though we strongly encourage locals to ask businesses and organizations about their standards as they relate to your values and interests as an eater! If you’d like to recommend additions or edits, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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