Foodways Summit Press Release

Foodways Summit is a week of tours, panels and tastings
celebrating and exploring the local food movement in Long Beach, CA

Welcome to the Foodways Summit: from neighborhood farms to hidden gardens, famous chefs to food equity — join us for a full week of talks, tastes and tours of good food practices in Long Beach, California. Our first local foodways summit is a multi-day, multi-site exploration of potential and emerging innovations in local food, with the goal of expanding healthy food access, education, and opportunities.

The week kicks off on Wednesday, May 23, with storytelling and resource-sharing by women entrepreneurs in local food. We’ll hear and taste the handiwork of women food entrepreneurs like Dina Amadril (LB Creamery), Terri Henry (DineLBC), Kat Lukat (Wide Eyes Open Palms), and Aliye Aydin (“A Good Carrot” blog).

On Friday, May 25, we’ll be taking a DTLB tasting tour of local food producers who source their food responsibly. We’ll try locally-crafted chocolate, juice, tea/coffee and hear about where the raw materials come from by the purveyors to learn how our food choices affect the world.

Other events include a Big Red Bus tour of North Long Beach’s grow sites including farms, gardens and edible landscapes, a school food discussion with Primal Alchemy’s Chef Paul Buchanan at a school cafeteria and a food waste talk with LA Kitchen’s Robert Egger and Food Finder’s Patti Larson at an urban farm.

The purpose of the Foodways Summit is to gather and connect the local food movement together and with new partners, storytellers, farmers, gardeners, helpers, leaders, investors, chefs, food brands, educators, food buyers & distributors, health professionals, residents, seniors, youth, organizations, students, newbies, partners and supporters.

At each Foodways Summit event , you can expect to taste something, visit somewhere, meet somebody, learn something and share something.

Long Beach Foodways Summit is brought to you by:
Long Beach Fresh, dedicated to expanding Long Beach’s local food economy and infrastructure in ways that benefit local communities.
LongBeachize, award-winning publication covering local food, housing issues, art, bike advocacy, urban development and equity.



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