Foodways Summit Call for Proposals

Long Beach Fresh is now accepting proposals for our first Foodways Summit, which will consist of community gatherings across the city to explore ways to innovate our local food system from May 24-31, 2018, in Long Beach.

This is an open-source Summit – meaning that it’s purely based on proposals we receive from you!

Whether taking the form of a strategy session, learning group, mixer, showcase, tour, or discussion, proposals should be no longer than one page, and address one or more of the target topics:

Hunger Relief
Reducing Food Waste
Chef Culture
Affordable and Fair Food
Food in Urban Environments

Proposals should be submitted for a full sessions (2 hours, with 2-3 partners, a specific location, and specific date and time), and should be submitted by April 30th at 10pm.

Inquiries are also gladly accepted if you’re hoping to participate as a speaker, venue, or partner, but do not have a full proposal – we can match you up!

*Note that weekday events will take place in the evening; weekend events may take place at any time.

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