Capture Falling Fruit

Long Beach is a city of neighborhoods, and many of those neighborhoods have fruit trees! Some residents are happy to share their fruit, and others yet have fruit trees that spill over into alleyways and other public properties.

Meanwhile, many Long Beach residents go without food. What if there were a way to better account for what we do have, to offer our fruit trees to our neighbors, and to make sure that less of this fresh fruit goes to waste?

You guessed it – there’s already a great solution out there! is a national foraging website that allows people to map out where shareable fruit trees are located. It’s open to the public and very easy to use. This fall, Long Beach Fresh invites residents, neighborhood groups, and community organizations to work together to add fruit trees to the map.

Join the challenge, and post your finds on social media with the hashtag #FallingFruitLB!

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