Chef’s Market

In Montreal, Canada, they call Jean-Talon Market the “Chef’s Pantry” because it is where restaurants all over the city come to stock up for the day’s cooking.

Long Beach is served by many Farmer’s Market which give chef’s an opportunity to meet farmers from all over the local foodshed, establish relationships and begin to really get local.


  • Get more chefs to the farmer’s market via direct invite,a media promotion and incentives
  • Improve farmers penetration of LB market

What We Need:

  • Chefs who want to come, develop relationships and source locally
  • Help from the Market Managers to support Chef purchases and farmer relationship development and communication
  • Help with outreach

Latest Status:

  • 5/12/14 Idea identified and prioritized by Feeders
  • 10/1/14 Visited the Farmers’ Market in Orange where they have “Chef Only” reserved parking and a sign in the center of the market displaying the logos of the restaurants who shop there. How inspiring!
  • 1/15/15 Received pricing for on-site farmers’ market educational information from Mixt Media
  • 5/17/15 Long Beach Intern, Michelle Azurin, begins creating an integrate hashtag campaign that allows chefs/restaurants to blast out those magical moments of local procurement. Via an Instagram hashtag, chefs will be incentivized and educated on sharing good food procurement moments that also announce to potential diners about fresh, real-time ingredients headed to their plate. We will leverage partnerships with media like the Culinary Facebook page to add marketing value.
  • 6/6/2015 We discovered #LongBeachFarmersMarket is┬áthe best potential hashtags for the campaign as it has around 500 recent Instagram posts.

Get Involved:

Read the latest status, think about how you want to get involved, and contact us.


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