Redevelopment Lots as Farms

Long Beach has an abundance of vacant lots owned from the Redevelopment Era, some of which could be used for farming.

Long Beach acquired a lot of property during the redevelopment years that became frozen when California Governor Jerry Brown dissolved redevelopment agencies across the state.  In 2015, California gave Long Beach the nod to begin releasing properties for sale and development and many of the parcels are on the move to become future houses, developments and some set aside for government use.

As one of the expressed needs of our Seeders is to procure Land, we  are working to see what types of interactions these redevelopment properties can have with the local food production community.


  • Identify growers and parcels of land of interest
  • Communicate a plan to develop one or more sites into farms or mobile farms

What We Need:

  • Growers interested in growing food on an RDA property
  • Identify an RDA property to negotiate for (less desirable parcels for development are more likely to be acceptable)
  • Create a plan and approach the City of Long Beach with identified property, grower and plan
  • Research the RDA Property-to-Farm transfer that recently occurred in neighboring Stanton, CA


  • 4/1/15 RDA properties are now available for sale,  we requested a list of properties from the City (see Resources below) and were told if interested in pursuing any properties than to identify the property and make a specific plan that can be reviewed.


Get Involved:

Read the latest status, think about how you want to get involved, and contact us.

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