Seed & Tool Libraries

Imagine being able to check-out seeds, tools to plant and even a parcel of land with your Long Beach Public Library card.

The innovators at the Long Beach Public Library and Long Beach Grows are working to establish a Seed Library and a Tool Library at the Main Branch Maker Lab of the Long Beach Public Library System.


  • Establish a seed library at the downtown main library branch
  • Eventually, a tool library will be established at the main branch library as well
  • The libraries will syndicate to neighborhood branches based on demand

 What We Need:

  • Support the Long Beach Public Library and Long Beach Grows partnership efforts to create the downtown seed library

Latest Status:

  • 5/9/14 L.B. Public Library Studio staff told us they partnered with L.B. Grows to create a seed library in the downtown branch
  • 2/2/15 Seed Libraries were threatened to be shut down but recent work by the Sustainable Economies Law Center is changing the way the government views these community assets. Stay updated through SELC’s campaign.

Get Involved:

Read the latest status, think about how you want to get involved, and contact us.


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