“Seeders” are food growers  in the Greater Long Beach Area.

Our Plan to Help Seeders

Long Beach Fresh aims to proliferate urban agriculture projects in our City and region. We organized communities to implement the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones act, and helped inform City-wide code changes to modernize and legalize Urban Agriculture.

The priorities below focus on urban agriculture projects that feed the community, serve local eateries, provide educational opportunity, and regenerate soil health in the local environment.

If you’re interested in information on how to grow food, buy from local farms, or participate in a community garden, we offer those resources as well.

      Resource Areas for Seeders

  • Pursue and Promote Land Opportunities
  • Consulting for projects in Public Parks
  • Research and Promote Grants, Models, and Funding
  • Provide Organizational Consulting
  • Develop Programs at Urban Ag Sites
  • Collaborate on Events and Press Opportunities

Seeder Priorities

In our first couple of years, we identified the following priorities through Seeder workgroup meetings. These continue to be key to moving the good food system forward.

  • Marketing Help: Getting our local food story out there and helping attract new customers.
  • Facilitate the sharing of equipment and resources
  • Funding for local food projects through grants
  • Classes and education around local food topics
  • Promoting ways for residents to grow their own food
  • Find and share profitable urban agriculture models
  • Expanding nutrition incentives and market reach
  • Create and promote a local food directory
  • Requesting clear rules and opportunities for urban agriculture in Long Beach to facilitate investment
  • Establish institutional procurement policies for local food
  • Connect growers to educators and youth initiatives
  • Support farm-to-plate projects for public institutions like schools and hospitals.
  • Pursue farm-to-foodbank opportunities for local growers

Grow in Community Gardens and Connect with Urban Farms

View Local Gardens and Farms on our Local Food Map

Guide to Urban Farming in Los Angeles County

Guide to Urban Farming in North Long Beach

Let’s Connect!

If you’re not on the list above and should be, or you have concerns not listed above, please Contact Us as soon as possible. We’d love to meet you and explore ways we can assist you.