2022 in Review

Long Beach Fresh released its annual report, highlighting the year’s activities, partnerships, and collaborative efforts toward food security and local food system development in Long Beach, California. “We used our convening power of good food actors to accelerate, catalyze, and organize the growing, cooking, selling, sharing and buying of good food across our city” Ryan […]

Local School Snacks

We’re working to help get better snacks for sale at Long Beach school student stores. At many high and middle school in Long Beach are “stores” or “cafes” which are outside the federal lunch program’s rigorous standards and complex inter-level bureaucracy. The student store is highly independent, typically selling small bags of nuts, chips, fruit […]

Long Beach Fresh Registers with California Food Policy Council

Long Beach Fresh is excited to announce that we recently became the 23rd official Food Policy Council in California after ratifying the California Food Policy Council‘s “Founding Document” and dispatching Co-Coordinator Tony Damico to a statewide meeting of Food Policy Councils to share expertise and discuss issues. The Founding Document, created in 2012 is an […]

Good Food Purchasing Policy

One of the best ways to change the food system on a large scale is to change the way the government spends its food dollars. On October 24, 2012, the City of Los Angeles adopted a Good Food Purchasing Policy. Soon after, Los Angeles Unified School District followed… Two years later, they have tested the […]

Farm Tour

You could experience 100 different fresh fruits and vegetables¬† and animal species thriving in the farms and gardens on any day in Long Beach. A strong connection to nature, our food and environment can be achieved without leaving the city. We’d like to organize regular tours of Long Beach’s farms, gardens and craft producers. Goals: […]

Media Blitz

We need to fill print, broadcast, radio and social media channels with intriguing content about local food and health. Goals: Increase media coverage of local food and health issues Work with stakeholders to amplify their PR efforts Identify and develop “voices” of the local food movement for media share media coverage about local food issues […]

Neighborhood Food Party in a Box

As Tupperware parties were an excellent way for neighbors to gather and learn about future-aged plastic food storage containers, our neighborhood food parties invite neighbors to gather for an evening of fun and education about the local food system. Goals: To educate neighbors and social networks across the city about local food options¬† in Long […]

Welcome Box

Imagine being introduced to the entire food community on your first day in Long Beach. We’re developing¬† a local food “Welcome Basket” to give and sell to realtors who are working with a family or individual about to call Long Beach home. Goals Introduce new residents to local food restaurants, services, and markets Distribute “Welcome […]