Meal Planning

Little Ways to Simplify the Process of Cooking

We spoke to some students in the public health nutrition program at UC Berkeley about what advice they would give about how to make cooking more convenient, affordable, and time-efficient. Here’s what they said: Use simple recipes that are fast with minimal ingredients and aren’t boring. Some examples include: 5-ingredient Black Bean Soup and 5-ingredient White Chicken […]

Stretch Out Your Food Dollar

There is a big misconception that eating well and being healthy is expensive. Below is a list of some little things you can do to stretch out your food dollar so you and your family can invest in good health! (Find the full list here.) Be aware of the foods you and your family are […]

Choose a Healthy Eating Plan

If you’re having trouble making decisions everyday about what you should and shouldn’t eat, you may consider prescribing to one of the popular and healthful eating plans out there. While subscribing to a diet plan means you will have great guides, rules and recipes to pick from, it is also important to remember that your […]