Choose a Healthy Eating Plan

If you’re having trouble making decisions everyday about what you should and shouldn’t eat, you may consider prescribing to one of the popular and healthful eating plans out there. While subscribing to a diet plan means you will have great guides, rules and recipes to pick from, it is also important to remember that your body knows what it needs to be healthy! Focusing on nutrients isn’t always the answer – choosing fresh, whole, fruits and vegetables is oftentimes the way to go.

You may also be able to find someone who will join you in eating more healthfully and increase your chances of success.

  • This U.S. News article presents the most popular diets out there including medically-prescribed diets like the DASH Diet (for lowering blood pressure) to traditional, healthy diets like the Mediterranean Diet.
  • Another organization, Oldways “Health through Heritage”, prescribes that Latino, African and Asian ethnic populations adopt healthy diet guides they created by referencing those groups traditional foods which are more healthful and traditional than the Western Diet those same groups have adopted in the United States.
  • The Brazil Dietary Guidelines (also available in Español) have also been considered as a model for nutrition guidelines across the world because they are more whole food based, rather than nutrient based. Here is a short video that summarizes the main points in the guidelines: