Little Ways to Simplify the Process of Cooking

We spoke to some students in the public health nutrition program at UC Berkeley about what advice they would give about how to make cooking more convenient, affordable, and time-efficient. Here’s what they said:

  • Use simple recipes that are fast with minimal ingredients and aren’t boring. Some examples include:
  • Have recipes on hand that use same or similar ingredients
  • Plan meals during the weekend and go to the store with a list prepared
  • Store bulk staples like nuts, seeds, dried beans, grains in clear jars – you can see when you’re running low
  • Store main cooking ingredients like dried herbs, spices, oils, nut butters, nut milks in clear jars as well – also so you can see when you’re running low

And remember that while you cook, you should:

  • Keep cooking utensils already laid out so it’s easy to find what you need – huge time saver
  • Do all prep for ingredients at the beginning (or even over the weekend) instead of chopping as you go
  • Clean as you go