Stretch Out Your Food Dollar

There is a big misconception that eating well and being healthy is expensive. Below is a list of some little things you can do to stretch out your food dollar so you and your family can invest in good health! (Find the full list here.)

  1. Be aware of the foods you and your family are eating now.
  2. Know how much you are spending on your food.
  3. Plan your meals, one week at a time. – You’re more likely to save time and money, eat more healthfully, and avoid last minute shopping.
  4. Make a shopping list and stick to it.
  5. Compare stores for prices.
  6. Shop early in the day and early in the week to avoid crowds.
  7. Do not shop on an empty stomach.
  8. Buy in bulk or bulk shop with your neighbors and friends.
  9. Know the price of each item before you place it in the basket.

You can also try taking this short module by Oregon State University on how you can eat well on a budget.

Most importantly, find out if you are eligible for SNAP/CalFresh or WIC to help supplement your food budget. Click here for more information.